Statement from the Board of Alta Vista School on our campus expansion plans

July 24, 2014

As many of you know, Alta Vista School recently bid on the building at 350 University, the University Mound Ladies Home. Our bid was in response to a general invitation from the UMLH Board and our need for additional classroom space as we continue to grow our program through 8th grade. Our primary interest is providing an excellent education to our students, and our campus expansion project is a primary piece of that responsibility. 

Contrary to some reports you may have read, our bid and even our knowledge of the sale of the property came after UMLH decided to close the facility. Our submission of a bid was under the clear understanding that the money was needed to continue the UMLH mission, restart their endowment, and provide subsidy for existing residents' relocation needs. Alta Vista School also arranged as part of our offer to provide other ongoing assistance to continue the mission of the UMLH. 

We have remained largely silent in deference to the UMLH Board as they face complex and difficult decisions, but be assured that we would not pursue a course that would be the cause of evictions of the UMLH residents.

If the UMLH Board determines another path is a superior way for them to further their mission we will defer to their judgment on that matter. We continue to pursue the building project at 450 Somerset as our initial plan for campus expansion.

In the months since we decided to put down roots in the Portola neighborhood we have found overwhelming support from our own parent community and from the broader neighborhood. While there remain disagreements over our campus expansion plans with some of our neighbors, we are committed to continued dialog, engagement, and being a good neighbor. We hope Alta Vista School has a long and vibrant future as a piece of the fabric in the Portola.