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Amanda Litan
Katie Fielding

February 27, 2017

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Last week we embarked on our study of tide pools by creating clay models of our tide pool creature, had our Teddy Bear Celebration at Palega Park with our favorite stuffies, and played many board games in math. We are practicing our Drama lines using a strong performance voice and learned a new song and movement in Music with our Kindergarten A and Junior Kindergarten friends. As always, it was an inspiring week, and we are certain that this coming week will bring more exploration, creativity, and discovery!

In Literacy this week, we will continue exploring the difference between vowels and consonants through consonant vowel sorting and name games. In writer’s workshop, the students will begin exploring tide pool poems and gathering thoughts on how to create our own poem about a tide pool creature.

In Humanities, we will continue to make connections to our Changemaker study and learn more facts about one of KB’s favorite author’s, Mo Willems. We will ask students to wonder how they can also create change through their writing. During book club students study unfamiliar parts or words, practice new vocabulary and make connections to the stories they read.

In Math last week we played a variety of board games, looking closely at their mathematical components. We talked about dice, color patterning, spinners, number correspondence, direction and addition and subtraction. This week, the children will create blueprints for their board game, starting with a plan and then making a list of items needed to create their own game. Depending on their direction and their interests, we hope to start choosing their materials and creating game pieces by the end of the week.

For Science we will look more at tide pool inhabitants, specifically their characteristics and traits. We will come up with a collective definition of what a tide pool is to start the week and continue to add to our list of creatures we are already familiar with either through prior knowledge or from our books and videos. Students will continue exploring, looking at field guides, watching videos and reading books. They will also do a sort of different tidepool inhabitants so students can engage first hand determining their similarities and differences. Students will record their observations from sorting in their science binders.

We look forward to meeting with you all on Friday or Monday during our Parent-Teacher Conferences! If you have not done so already, please sign-up!


Katie and Amanda

Reminder: Library books are due on Monday.

Mark Your Calendars!

Monday, March 6th: Field trip to the tidepools

Friday, March 17th: Parent-Teacher Conferences / No School

Monday, March 20th: Parent-Teacher Conferences / No School

Friday, March 24th: 9:00- 9:30: Tidepool Celebration in KB

Homework for the Week:

Monday: Your challenge tonight is to count how many windows are in your house. To help keep track and record, you may mark the 100’s chart in your binder or use tally marks.

Tuesday: Visit, click on “learn to read” and play number 4. “sh”.

Wednesday: Share and learn a fact about Mo Willems.

Thursday: Next Monday, we will go on a field trip to the tidepools at Pillar Point. Tonight for homework, ask a family member to help you look at google maps and map out a potential route. Pillar Point

Friday: Have a wonderful weekend! Get excited for the field trip to the tidepools on Monday!

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