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Allison Winter
Caitlin Bicknell
February 27, 2017

Dear Chameleons,

Last week, the Chameleons continued working on their fact book, made story problems, and read in book club. We also learned about change makers, went to Palega Park, and created tide pool creatures out of clay. We are so excited about the work that we are doing in class lately. We see your child’s growth as a student in some way every day. Continue getting your students to bed early because as you can see each day is jam-packed full of excitement!

In Literacy this week we will make connections to our Changemaker study and learn about one of KA’s favorite author’s, Mo Willems. We will research about his life, compare his books, and ask students to wonder how they can create change through their writing. We will also begin to explore the difference between consonants and vowels, by noticing the vowels we find in particular words, and play consonant vowel sorting and names games. During book club students will study unfamiliar parts or words, practice new vocabulary and make connections to the stories they read. This week we will focus on the digraph -sh by brainstorming -sh words and play -sh matching games.

This week in Science we are getting ready for our field trip to the Half Moon Bay tide pools! In order to do that, we will talk about how different animals adapt at low tide in order to survive the lack of water. These strategies include holding on or becoming hard as a rock. Students can use this information for their tide pool fact page of the week.

In Math this week, we will continue to focus on creating and solving word problems. Last week, students created their own addition word problem through writing and drawing. This week, they will be creating subtraction word problems. Students are also practicing solving word problems through differentiated problems in their math notebooks. We are encouraging students to use strategies they have for addition and subtraction when solving word problems such as number lines, number bonds, and drawing a picture.

We look forward to a full week of school on Monday!


Allison and Caitlin

Reminder: Library books are due on Friday!

Mark Your Calendars!

Monday, March 6th: Kindergarten Tide Pool Field Trip

Friday, March 17th and Monday, March 20th: Parent-Teacher Conferences- No School!

Friday, March 24th: Kindergarten Tide Pool Presentation

Friday, March 31st: JK/K Palega Park Play Date

Current Event Schedule:

2/28: Amelie

3/1: Halah

3/2: Julia

3/7: Alex

3/8: Lena

3/9: Ryan

3/14: Ren

3/15: Tally

3/16: Adam

3/21: Calder

3/22: Sydney

3/23: Bennett

3/28: Aiden

Homework for the Week:

Today began our third week of book club! Ask your child: What is your favorite part of book club?

This week we talked about adaptations in the tide pools. Tonight for homework, pick a creature and figure out how it adapts to the tide pools. Fill out the sheet provided.

Today your child learned more about one of their favorite author’s, Mo Willems as part of our Changemaker study. We will research about his life, compare his books, and ask students to wonder how they can create change through their writing. Ask your child: How has Mo Willems made a positive change in the world through his stories?

Thursday: Create your own word problem using the numbers 10 and 5. Pick whether your problem will be addition or subtraction by choosing one of the sides of the sheets provided.

Reminder: Bring back your library books tomorrow!

No homework. Have a happy weekend!

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