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Sophie Koshland ("Miss Sophie")
Simone Busuttil ("Miss Simone")

February 27, 2017

Dear Junior Kindergarten Families,

What an exciting and art-filled week back in JK! Our students began the week by becoming art detectives at the deYoung Museum. Miss Annie lead them on an exploration of Frank Stella’s bright and colorful artwork and discovered how it evolved over time. We were wowed by their vocabulary and insights as they interpreted the choices Stella made in color, line, shape and material. By the end of the week, they transformed themselves into Jackson Pollock, creating a spatter paint masterpiece of their own for our spring gala!

In this week of science, students will wrap up our human body study with an exploration of the five senses through experimentation with our bodies, discussion of individual experience and building models of corresponding body parts. We will isolate each sense as best we can to better understand how each helps our bodies enjoy the world around us and how different our lives would be without them.

In math, students will be building their number sense up to twenty this week. Our Junior Kindergartners will be working in pairs and individually to playing math games and complete activities like Domino Parking Lot, Number Puzzles, My Teen Number, Number Memory Match, and Number Battle. These activities will help develop their number recognition and sequence while practicing their counting and place value skills.

Students will continue to grow as readers and writers in literacy this week. In Readers Workshop the JK students will be thinking about and practicing sequencing through discussions and read alouds like Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are and Audrey Wood’s The Napping House. Students will also be working in literacy centers to strengthen syllables, letter formation, and cvc words. In Writers Workshop, students will express creativity and care as they write stories in their journals using illustration and best-guess spelling. Our writers will be challenged to stretch out words using syllables to identify each sound within a word, and also to separate each new word with a finger space.

Have a fantastic week!


Sophie and Simone

Mark Your Calendars

Friday, March 3rd @ 8:30AM: JK Presents “Yo! Yes?” in Community Meeting

Friday, March 17th and Monday, March 20th: Parent Teacher Conferences, No School


Monday: Tonight in your homework folder you will find some teen number cards with numbers or pictures on them. Your challenge is to sequence the cards in order from 10-20. Remember that some cards will not have a number, but will have a pictures of a group of objects instead.

Tuesday: Tonight look for an item that has a unique sound and bring it to school in the bag provided. Shh…do not tell anyone what's inside; in class tomorrow we will use our sense of hearing to try and guess what you found.

Wednesday: This Friday at Community Meeting (8:30am), our JK class will present a read aloud of “Yo! Yes?” Tonight you will find a copy of this book to read at home. Practice reading this story tonight with friends and family. Remember to use expression to show the characters feelings as they make a new friend.

Thursday: Each Friday the JK class visits our school library and selects one book to borrow for a week. Tonight, enjoy reading your book with family for the last night, and remember to return it to school tomorrow.
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