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Guerrilla academies

The promise: All the perks of individualized learning–with a school-size safety net.

Diana Kapp | Photography by Joson | | March 27, 2012

A 19-month-old independent JK–2 in the Mission whose founders have serious cachet in the social media–startup world.
Twitter’s former chief science officer, Abdur Chowdhury; Zynga associate general counsel Renée Lawson; and several other parents whose kids used to attend the same Mill Valley private school.
As befits the school’s center-of-the-tech-boom roots, the teaching mantra is “scientific method”—meaning all topics are approached using inquiry, hypothesis, experimentation, and discovery. This translates into giant handmade abaci in the main hallway, decomposing pumpkins in the classroom, and a medieval village–style siphon to water the garden.
So far the campus consists of borrowed facilities at a Greek Orthodox church; finding permanent digs isn’t easy in Boom Central.
The entrance requirements include a “playdate”/interview tailored to each kid.; $20,000/year

a progressive learning environment
an emphasis on science, math and technology

  Alta Vista School   |  |  Telephone: 415/467.3700