Kindergarten Math

At Alta Vista, we like to use manipulatives and games (instead of worksheets) to help practice math concepts.  

Here’s one example:

Our Kindergarteners pair up with a partner to play the game Squeeze It which helps students develop skills in number recognition, number order, number manipulation, and the understanding of “between” – all leading up to number sentence and functions.

To play Squeeze It, a deck of cards is placed face down between 2 players.  Each player takes 2 cards from the top of the deck and places them face up.  Then a “squeeze” card is chosen from the top of the deck.  Each player must look at her cards and determine if the “squeeze” card can fit in between their 2 numbers.  If they can, they get a point!  (Note: Number lines can be used to help students, face cards should be removed from the deck before play, and Aces count as the number 1.)