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Brennan Blazer Bird ("Mr. B")
Megan Szrom

April 10, 2017

Junior Kingergarten
Last week students worked with 5th grade buddies to learn more about the many ways we set up systems in the garden that work with nature. This week, students will help make signs to label our various eco offerings including the living roof and rainwater catchment.

Last week kindergarten studied the pond ecosystem and it's creatures. This week students will continue mastering the skill of propagating plants.

1st grade
Students will learn the ins and outs of composting and vermiculture. They will design an experiment to see how long it takes compostable items to break down.

2nd grade
Second grade is working on a project of informational posters to increase eco literacy in the garden. Subjects include plant guilds, water catchment math, and beneficial insects.

Last week the DIY classes made prototype models of their board game designs to practice and test out their game mechanics. This week students will fine tune their designs and begin making their final board game projects.

MSG Garden
Last week our Mission Garden students helped upsize pepper and sunflower seedlings and learned about photosynthesis. This week students will make a delicious garden salad from the All in Common garden greens.

MSG Building
Last week students began to sand and finish their pallet furniture projects. This week we will finish sanding and painting and begin talking about our next project, which will be natural building construction on our squid playground structure.

MSG Cooking
Last week students learned how to bake a delicious banana bread recipe. This week we will introduce our class cooking project, which will require each student to lead their own cooking recipe with the class.

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