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Brennan Blazer Bird ("Mr. B")
Megan Szrom

February 27, 2017

Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten

Kindergarten is looking at what makes a habitat, and studying beneficial garden insects.

1st Grade

Last week, students learned about beneficial garden insects, and observed which insects live in our school garden. This week, students are ready to take action by building habitat specific to beneficial garden insects like solitary bees and ladybugs. Fun fact: The AVS school garden is home to a native, GREEN bee called a sweat bee. This bee is one pollinator 1st grade will be building special habitat to house them in our garden!

2nd Grade

 Students will practice their propagation skills by taking cuttings from mint and collard (a favorite garden snack) to spread throughout the garden and bring to the Portola library garden.


This week students will be working on the papercrafter skill set, learning how to transform paper into pop up books, sculptures, and more!

MSG Sustainability

This week students will begin learning about the urban watersheds of SF and we will discuss potential projects to prevent storm water pollution.

MSG Building

This week students will continue their pallet furniture projects. Students are building a shelf, a charging station, and a chandelier.

MSG Cooking

This week students will learn how to make a spring roll dish with peanut butter sauce. We will make a simple peanut sauce recipe and learn how to twist a spring roll.

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