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Brennan Blazer Bird ("Mr. B")
Megan Szrom

June 12, 2017

Junior Kindergarten
Students will learn how humans can help with seed dispersal, and are introduced to the value of being a community steward. We will get our hands dirty making seed balls for of California native seeds.

Kindergarten will learn about the benefits of healthy eating, and we will practice what we've learned about the benefits of local food through creating a delicious AVS garden salad.

First Grade
First grade will continue to work on their cherished Fairy Houses while learning about renewable energy available for homes and gardens.

Second Grade
Students will explore the role of kingdom fungi in the garden by inoculating birch logs with Lion's Mane mushroom mycelium. Lion's Mane mushrooms are a delicacy and powerful medicinal food that can regrow brain synapses.

This week students will continue working on their DIY pillows and stuffed animals. Students are learning how to thread a needle, cut and pin together fabric designs, and sew the pieces together using as tight and as neat a stitch as possible.

MSG Sustainability
Last week students studied "The Story of Stuff" and talked about the role of consumption in our society. This week students will explore more about the problems of overconsumption and waste in our society and brainstorm solutions that can be on both a personal and a systemic level.

MSG Building
This week students will wrap up their habitat projects. Most students only need to finish sanding and painting their bird houses, lizard nests, or bird feeders. Stay tuned for your students habitat project to arrive home soon!

MSG Cooking
Remember our final cooking projects are due on Tuesday, June 13th! If your students needs an extension they need to email Mr.B ( I look forward to seeing these recipes and hearing the stories of each meal!

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