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Dance/Movement Arts: Abbie Ackerman ("Miss Abbie")
Sports: Carlos Aguayo
JK and K: Mio Fukushima

April 10, 2017

JK and Kindergarten PE

This week we will bring balance, rhythm and agility to the Spring Soccer Unit. Warm up will start through our hoola hoop ladder. Each student will step three times in each hoop before stepping into the next hoop, and moving at varied speeds to create a rhythm. Followed by flamingo stretch and jumping jacks. We will then continue passing and shooting for the goal and finish with a mini scrimmage.

First and Second Grade

We will warm up and test our fitness skills in PE this week playing a game of Four Corners. Then we will move on to begin our dance unit playing Super Mario Poses. This game helps children learn more about mirroring and matching (and some balancing) while mimicking the actions of Super Mario characters.

Third & Fourth Grade

This week the third and fourth grade begin training for their adapted version of the Presidential Fitness Test. We will start by tackling the one mile run with training by playing a game called Get Your Move On. This is a team game that improves cardiovascular endurance as well as cooperation among teammates.

Middle School Physical Education

This week in physical education class, our 5th grade students will finish up the soccer unit. For the warm-up, all students will engage in a soccer activity called "Metegoal" and "World Cup", where they will practice their dribbling, shooting, defending and goal keeping. After the warm-up, students will engage into a 4 vs. 4 modified soccer game, where they will apply all the skills they have learned thus far. Our 6th and 7th grade students will continue to apply the softball/baseball skills they have learned thus far into modified games. Students will engage into a traditional Four base game where they will practice their hitting, pitching, fielding and base running. Students will be given the option to hit a pitched ball or use the tee when they engage into a traditional softball game.

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