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Dance/Movement Arts: Abbie Ackerman ("Miss Abbie")
Sports: Carlos Aguayo
JK and K: Mio Fukushima

February 27, 2017

JK and Kindergarten PE

T- Ball Continued: This week we will practice throwing underhand with soft yarn balls and practice catching balls tossed at various heights. The next challenge is tossing and catching with a partner and practicing control. We look forward to playing modified T-ball where students must catch and toss to each player in the outfield as the batter attempts to run and touch each base around the diamond!

First & Second Grade and Third & Fourth Grade

Spring training is in full swing and the PE students at Alta Vista will begin their baseball unit this week!

First & Second - At the beginning of the week First and Second grade we will review how to throw and catch a wiffle ball and also run the bases. We will play a game of catch tag where the students will pair up with a smarter and throw and catch the ball until the whistle is blown and then the activity becomes a tag/chase game. This is a great way for the players to warm up and practice their baseball skills. For our second class of the week students will pair up and play a few rounds of cone baseball. Students will learn how to properly and safely swing a bat and retrieve hit balls.

Third & Fourth - Third and Fourth graders will learn and play the game Perfect Pass. A relay game where students, in two teams, battle each other for the most successful throws and catches in a row. We will also play several rounds go cone baseball focusing on having a level swing; hitting the ball where there are no fielders; and the fielders working together to get the batter out.

Middle School Physical Education

This week in physical education class, our 5th grade students will continue to work on dribbling and also review and practice how to pass. Students will engage in a dribbling activity called "Master of Dribblers". After the warm up, they will review and practice how to pass the puck to a partner. Later in the week, our students will engage into an activity called "Pass and Take Away", where they will practice their passing, dribbling and protecting the puck. They will also engage into a 2 vs. 2 hockey game where they will have the opportunity to practice their dribbling, passing, shooting and defending. Our 6th and 7th graders will review and practice shooting the soccer ball. For the warm-up, all students will engage in "Pass and Keep Away", where they will practice their passing, dribbling, protecting and stealing the ball. After the warm-up, students will review how to shoot the soccer ball using different parts of the foot. They will learn which part of the foot has the most control and power and also which part of the foot has the least. Later in the week they will engage in a 3 vs 3 modified soccer games.

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