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Dance/Movement Arts: Abbie Ackerman ("Miss Abbie")
Sports: Carlos Aguayo
JK and K: Mio Fukushima

June 19, 2017

JK and Kindergarten PE

This week students will practice changing direction and taking turns playing ‘Command your Robot, a cooperative movement game where students partner up to lead or listen to locomotor commands. The objective for students is to reach one side of the cone to the next by either hopping, jumping, skipping, side stepping or grapevining while paying close attention to each command. We will also play a fun shape game students like to call Moana line tag. We will share our favorite summer time physical activity as we circle up for our final week of school!

1st - 4th Grade

This week in PE will be students' choice. They will choose from their favorite games including - Group Skittles, Human Pinball, Quad Nation, Sink the Ship, and Scooter Soccer.

Middle School Physical Education

This week in physical education, our students in 5th-7th grade will continue to play Team Handball. Students will be working on passing, catching, shooting and defending.
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