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Julie Bruins
Don Benham

February 27, 2017

Junior Kindergarten:
The students had a fun time this week learning the Sesame Street classic, Ladybug's Picnic. They hopped around like ladybugs and did a great job counting and singing up to twelve. We considered what the ladybugs might have brought to the picnic and learned about peas porridge, which is sometimes hot, sometimes cold, and sometimes quite old. The JK students did a great job creating movements to the rhyme Peas Porridge Hot. This helps them get the rhythm in their body. Next week we'll take the rhyme and play it on classroom percussion instruments.


Our Kindergarteners got back into the swing of things this week by trying to sing the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear in Spanish. They did a great job on their first try and I expect them to become more fluent with practice. This week the students were also introduced to a little blues tune about colors. Next week we'll take this simple tune and also try it in Spanish. This is a great opportunity for the students to get used to the blues rhyme scheme and chord structure as well as to practice some of their language skills.

​1st ​Grade:
This week our first grade played a fun game with a bullfrog jumping to lilypads marked with basic rhythms. The students then read and clapped the rhythms. The next step in our music reading journey is to add solfege to rhythmic notation to get the students used to reading both rhythm and pitch cues. We'll begin next week as the student create, read and perform short sol and mi melodic phrases.

​3rd Grade:
This week our third graders considered the various uses for music in our society: everything from birthday celebrations to marches. We also learned about play parties from the American frontier and began to learn a simple dance tune called Tideo. We'll work on this again next week as we notate it and play it on the xylophone.

​4th Grade:
This week our fourth graders revisited our Afhgan chant Cham Cham Cham. We worked to notate it and add pitches to create a melody. We also related the concept of raags, used in Indian music and neighboring cultures, with scales, to which the children are more accustomed. They used a pentatonic raag, bhopali, to create the melody that they then played on the xylophone. Next week we will learn a more comlex pentatonic melody and then notate it.

Middle School

The Corsair Band and Blackbird Ensemble

musicians will be creating rhythmic patterns to use in practicing our Bb scale. We will also learn the G major scale this week. Continue work on Blues Boogie and Minuet in G. Start revised version of Pachelbel Canon. Musicians should fill out their practice chart to turn in.

Mission Choir and Somerset Choir

Besides our repertoire: Stray Cat Strut, You'll Be Back, Crazy Little Thing Called Love; we will begin some more 2 part singing using traditional rounds - including Dona Nobis Pacem. We will be Matching vowels, working clear diction and making unison cut offs.

Mission Skyraider Band & Ensembles

Besides our rep of Cantina Band and Dr. Strange, we will dust off the Bach Chorales and Minuet. The Brass Ensemble is working on Jimmy Stamp and Remington warm ups plus learning simple songs. Musicians should fill up their practice charts to turn in.

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