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Julie Bruins
Don Benham

May 1, 2017

Junior Kindergarten:
This week the Junior Kindergartners continued work with the rhymeTwo Little Sausages, this time creating a way to play the rhyme on drums and rhythm sticks. Not surpringly, the rhythm sticks became sausages and the drums turned into pans. When we return from break we'll begin practicing the songs for our June 8th concert.


This week our students were introduced to the tune The Earth is My Mother. This sweet and simple song highlights the relationship humans need to maintain with the earth's resources and we hope it will be part of upcoming Earth Day celebrations. Stay tuned! When the students return from break we'll begin working on some new songs for their concert on June 8th.

​1st ​Grade:

In addition to working on our presentation of Fifty Nifty for you last week, our students practiced identifying, naming and performing quarter and eighth notes in four-beat phrases. They played a fun shoe-passing game to the beat of the rhyme Diddle Diddle Dumpling My Son John. I was impressed by their ability to stay on the beat-it has improved a lot this year! When the students get back we'll begin looking at the different way quarter and eighth notes can live on a staff as well as play a new game to the rhyme Cobbler, Cobbler.

​3rd Grade:
This week our third graders began to learn melodies for the June concert. 3B is learning a traditional Japanese tune, Hotaru Koi and 3A began a song from Argentina, En Ten Tina. These both incorporate xylophone as well as recorder and give the students a chance to work on the same melody in a variety of ways. When we return after the break the students will continue to review recorder technique as well as be introduced to the remaining fingerings required to play their performance tunes.

​4th Grade:
This week the fourth graders continued to work on the repertoire they will perform at their concert in June. They have played about half of each tune so far and are now able to play the melody and bass line for these sections. We'll work to learn the second halves when we return after the break!

Middle School

Somerset Corsair Band and Blackbird Ensemble

Ode to Joy is sounding very good for style and dynamics. Continued learning of Jazz Duet Number 2 with three interconnecting parts; two melody parts and the underlying rhythm. More practice on the diatonic melody in Bach Chorale 6. Continue to work on Blues Boogie; including featured solos. Practice to maintain musical quality, clarity and ensemble on longer songs. Mary Ann with featured soloists. Practice following the conductor in tempo and style.

Mission Skyraider Band & Ensembles

Practice starting together and staying together the first time through a song. Learn how to think to play correctly through an entire piece. Refinement of Bach Chorale 6 for blend and balance. Start Bach Chorale 26. Learn more of Jazz Etude Number 2 and Bach Minuet in G, Ode to Joy, Dr. Strange, and Cantina Band. The Brass Ensemble is learning basic scales: Bb, G, D, Eb. Basic buzzing, breathing, relaxed air flow, tongue position, intonation, and fingerings. Our songs and Jazz Etude Number 2, Ode to Joy, Blues Boogie.

Mission Aviator Choir

This choir is really singing together as a unit! We will work on starting all together. Continue to work on vocal ensemble, diction and tone. More independent singing in our rounds. We will practice singing the most difficult parts in our songs and also practice singing the songs for overall story telling. You'll Be Back and Firework. Getting more detail on Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Each song has challenging words and range. Work on Dvorak Songs My Mother Taught Me.

Somerset Bell X-1 Choir

These singers are sounding great. We will mix our warm up vocal exercises with our repertoire to improve our singing and communication. We will sing our rounds in two and four parts and practice the rounds a little slower so we can hear the other parts while we concentrate on our own singing. Also practice singing the most difficult parts in our songs and then sing songs for overall story telling. Beside the three rounds, our repertoire includes: Stray Cat Strut; You'll Be Back, and our Flemish folksong, Het lied van hertog Jan.

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