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Alex White

April 10, 2017

How to Build A Computer students will get their first look at the guts of a modern computer this coming week when Mr. White takes his homemade PC apart in class. We will also continue studying binary arithmetic.

On the Web
students are setting up personal wireless networks, and learning about crucial protocols like DHCP, DNS, NAT, and CIDR. The project isn't finished until each student is connected to the Internet through their own router, and responding to pings from other students' machines!

System of the World students have been investigating contrapuntal Renaissance music (canons and fugues) and seeing how musical concepts like augmentation, prolation, and inversion relate to graphical transformations like translation, scaling, and reflection. (The computer scientists in the room will recognize the influence of Douglas Hofstadter's classic, G.E.B.)

students have been programming an integer guessing game predicated on divide-and-conquer algorithms, using the control structures and IO techniques they've been studying. Our next unit will be on search algorithms' closest friends: sorting algorithms.

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