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Elizabeth (Lizz) Klammer ("Ms Klammer")
Toni Setteducato

June 19, 2017

Ms. Setteducato

In our final week of the semester, Level 2 science classes will be finishing up labs and challenges and organizing documents into their master binders Monday through Wednesday, and participating in a “Middle on Mission” advisory breakfast and 1st annual Vocab Baseball Tournament on Thursday. We will conclude our week and academic year on Friday at the Somerset campus with the rest of the AVS community.

ES2: Dynamic Earth >> complete “Earthquake Tower Challenge”

LS2: Green Genes >> complete “Froggles Genetics” analysis; participate in an enrichment mutations lab

PS1: May Newton’s Forces… >> complete mixtures labs

PS2: Energy in Motion >> build solar powered cars

Mrs. Klammer

All classes will have academics on Monday.

Tuesday will be a fun day in McLaren Park.

Wednesday and Thursday are pack up days in Hanger One.

Friday: Celebrating the future of our next 6h grade class!

California Living: Last week students worked on their dissection of a fish and a frog. Students completed their final test on Friday.

On Monday: Fun Chicken Wing Lab?

Essential questions:

How is a chicken wing like our arms?

How is a chicken similar to a T-Rex?

Newton’s Forces:
Students completed three challenging labs on observational skills, exothermic reactions and flame tests.

On Monday: Students will have Slime Time!

Earth’s Place In The Universe: Last week, students finished their work on their Mars colony model and began the move, Apollo 13. On Monday, students will finish the Apollo 13 movie and discuss space travel.


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