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Elizabeth Keleshian
Steven True

June 19, 2017

Mr. True

In the final week of class we wrap up the semester. On Monday, we will review our work for the year including the End of Year Tests and make sure everything has been filed. There will be a field day on Tuesday with the entire fifth grade. Don't forget to bring comfortable shoes, a water bottle, a packed lunch, and sunscreen, as we'll be hiking outdoors for the majority of the day. On Wednesday and Thursday, we will all work together to get the hangars packed up and ready to be moved to the Mission campus next year! Friday is our final day of school and our end of the year graduation ceremony which concludes at noon.

Ms Keleshian

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Please take a look at our schedule for next week.  


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Watching Hidden Figures


Vocab Baseball


Last Day of School!


I am so eager for us to watch Hidden Figures together! It is a biographical movie about African American female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race - the time when Soviet Russia and USA were competing for supremacy in spaceflight capability.  In other words, these brilliant mathematicians played a huge role in getting a man to the moon for the first time.  After the movie, I would love to open a discussion about the social implications of the story and its significance in today’s society.




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