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Kate Parker
Ryan Hobbs

May 1, 2017

Mr Hobbs

Adventurers and Explorers

Last week our debate took on an unexpected turn. Given the passion for the arguments each student was making, the debate turned from student vs student, to students vs teacher. It was an excellent debate! Next week, we examine the perspective of Columbus himself, as we read some of the journal entries he wrote as well as some letters he sent back to Spain. Although we take a break midweek for our Silicon Valley field trip, we will end the week by concluding our unit on Columbus before we head off for Spring Break.

Due Tuesday: Answer the questions on Schoology regarding Columbus’ letter to Ferdinand and Isabella.

Due Thursday: No homework assigned due to the field trip.

Like A Historian

Next week we finish up constructing our pyramids and continue to discuss who exactly built the pyramids. We will break up into teams and debate if slaves did or did not build the pyramids based on all our previous readings. After our midweek trip to Silicon Valley, we turn our focus to how exactly the pyramids were built, before wrapping up our unit on Ancient Egypt prior to heading off for Spring Break.

Due Tuesday: Complete the debate preparation work assigned.

Due Thursday: No homework assigned due to the field trip.



Next week, students will have the opportunity to put the finishing touches on their guillotines, before we turn our attentions to Napoleon for the remainder of the week. Although we have a midweek field trip to Silicon Valley, we will learn more about the Reign of Terror, and focus on how exactly Napoleon was able to rise to power and overthrow the Republic that was desired by so many of the French citizens.

Due Tuesday: Complete the reading on the Reign of Terror handed out in class. Be prepared to answer questions tomorrow in class.

Due Thursday: No homework assigned due to the field trip.

Ms Parker

Immigrate, Emigrate, Migrate:

This week in Immigrate, Emigrate, Migrate, students will begin to wrap up the “Immigrant Letter” projects. In this research project, students have taken on the persona of an immigrant to America. They are writing a letter home to their loved ones in the “old country” describing their experiences and giving advice about whether or not this person should make the same voyage. As we move towards rough drafts at the end of the week, I encourage all students to continue making personal connections in their work.


Due Tuesday: Outlines, Notes and Bibliographies Due

All week: Work on Rough Draft (Due Friday- End of Class)

Adventurers & Explorers:

Next week in Adventurers & Explorers, students will continue designing and building two installations about Ming Dynasty Exploration. Unlike the Viking Ships or the ships of Christopher Columbus and other European explorers, Zheng He’s Star Fleet ships were up to 400 feet long. These junks loaded in 500 sailors, livestock, and had raised gardens on deck. Students have been working diligently on blueprints, measurements, and ornamental details for their displays. One group is focussing on the giant dry docks required to build the ship and the other group is working on the story of Zheng He and his voyages. Each student is working on elements of design, construction and curation. This project will wrap up at the end of the week.


Due Tuesday: Group Work Reflection

Due Thursday: None Due: Science Field Trip (Wed)

From Florence to Harlem, Renaissance Means Rebirth:

Next week in From Florence to Harlem, students will continue with their Slave Trade Projects. With a partner, student have been researching the Transatlantic Slave Trade as a whole and information specific to one trade route of their choosing. Gathering information about who would have been involved with the transactions, what the journey would have been like, and what life would be like for the individual once they arrived at a specific destination. They will also spend time working independently to create an imaginary yet historically accurate narrative for a person who may have traveled on the chosen route. Students used the Slave Voyages Database and the connected African Names Database to conduct much of their research ( ). As final touches are made, students will begin hearing from each other through oral presentations, the final step of the project.


Due Tuesday: Work on Part 3

All Week: Drafts for Parts 1,2,3 due Friday by end of class

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