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Kate Parker
Ryan Hobbs

February 27, 2017

Mr Hobbs

Adventurers and Explorers

Marco?! Polo!! Having completed our study of the Vikings and the Viking Age, we move towards the Age of Discovery which begins with the famous explorer Marco Polo. As a class we will track his famous journey and learn about his findings and experiences along the way.

Due Tuesday: Complete the reading handed out in class about Marco Polo and his travels.

Due Thursday. Geography of Chinese Deserts. Using the resources posted on Schoology determine what challenges Marco Polo would have experienced when attempting to cross the deserts while on his way into China.

Like A Historian

This week we will complete our unit on Mesopotamia, which will wrap up with our Hanging Gardens of Babylon construction project. We will then journey west into Ancient Egypt. This unit will focus on Pharaohs and Queens, the sciences and technologies this society developed, and the Pyramids and their construction. Students will dive deeper on the topic of their choosing and will start to put together their first research project of the semester.

Due Tuesday: Hanging Gardens project due by the end of class.

Due Thursday: Proposal for Egyptian invention project due by the end of class on Tuesday.


We’ve debated and determined what exactly happened at Lexington and Concord and now we are ready to declare our independence. This week we will focus on the crafting of the Declaration of Independence and the ideals it represents. We will dive deeper into the text, use other primary sources to better understand the document, and watch several clips from the miniseries John Adams which depicts how the Declaration came to be.

Due Tuesday: Quiz. Spend some time preparing for the quiz today. It will cover all of what we have learned so far about the causes of the Revolutionary War. 

Due Thursday: Complete the assigned reading and answer the questions corresponding to the language used in the Declaration.

Ms Parker

Immigrate, Emigrate, Migrate:

Next week in Immigrate, Emigrate, Migrate, we are pushing on with our thirteen colonies presentations. The first presentations will go off Tuesday. I encourage students to practice presenting a little bit each night. We are working on delivery and reducing text on the slide as we become more comfortable with the material. We will wrap up our work on the colonies next week and return to our discussion on the major waves United States immigration. All students can continue to practice the fifty states geography. Those students needing an extra challenge can work on capitals.


Due Tuesday: Practice for Colony Presentation

Due Thursday: Google Classroom Response : A Matter of Opinion

Adventurers & Explorers:

After reviewing good research practices and the general guidelines for writing historical fiction last week, students began writing rough drafts of their Viking sagas. Next week in Adventurers & Explorers, students will continue work on these stories as they finish building their ships. We will work through rough drafts, peer review, and final products by the end of that week. Students working at a faster pace will be encouraged to extend their writing and/or illustrate their work. Sharing of final drafts is scheduled to happen on Friday. Students will have a chance to reflect on this unit through a self assessment exercise.


Due Tuesday: Rough draft of saga due

Due Thursday: Final draft of saga due

From Florence to Harlem, Renaissance Means Rebirth:

Next week in From Florence to Harlem, we are diving deep into the Italian Renaissance. Students will have a chance to follow the evolution of art and architecture by carefully examining the work of several of the major names to come out of the movement. Raphael, Michaelangelo, and the ultimate “Renaissance man”, Leonardo Da Vinci, will all come alive. We will look at buildings of significance, including the Duomo in Florence and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. Student will be practicing visual analysis, questioning, and note taking skills.


Due Tuesday: Classical Architecture Review

Due Thursday: Da Vinci’s World

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