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Kate Parker
Ryan Hobbs

June 19, 2017

Mr Hobbs

In the final week of class we wrap up the semester by concluding our final projects on Monday, before having a fun filled field day on Tuesday with the entire fifth grade. Don't forget to bring comfortable shoes, a water bottle, a packed lunch, and sunscreen, as we'll be hiking outdoors for the majority of the day. On Wednesday and Thursday we will all work together to get the hangars packed up and ready to be moved to the Mission campus next year! Friday is our final day of school and our end of the year graduation ceremony which concludes at noon.

Ms Parker

It’s hard to believe our final full week is upon us. Im encouraging all students to give a solid final push as we wrap up the school year and make our way towards summer! If your child will be taken out of school before Friday, June 23, please make sure to alert teachers and advisors.

Immigrate, Emigrate, Migrate:

This week in Immigrate, Emigrate, Migrate, we will be wrapping up our conversations about refugees. With help from Brown University’s “The Choices Program” and the I am Syria organization, students have been connecting more with the question of “why do people move?”. We will be closing out with reflection on the stories we’ve heard. I look forward to being part of this conversation.


States Quiz- Pass by Friday :)

From Florence to Harlem, Renaissance Means Rebirth:

Next week in From Florence to Harlem, we will wrap up conversation on the Harlem Renaissance. By taking a look at some of the most influential writers and artists of this time period, like Langston Hughes and Cab Calloway, students will discover the cultural shifts which contributed to the naming of this era. After all, the name of the course is “Renaissance means Rebirth.” We will also be finishing up with Harlem Summer, by Walter Dean Myers.


Prepare for “Fishbowl”

Adventurers & Explorers:

In Adventurers and Explorers, students will continue to work on independent research projects focused around explorers. I was thrilled to learn about the unique individuals students chose; we have are covering everything from 21st century musical artists to Magellan. Students are taking the information they have gathered and turning them into feature articles, including one-on-one interviews with their explorer. Students are free to go in any direction they wish (newspaper, magazine, online feature, short biographical book), so long as they include the required information to their own creative supplement. I hope we will have time for students to share on Wednesday!


Complete Interview Project

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