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Jennifer ("Ms. Hoggatt") Hoggatt

Robert (Mac) Stephens

June 19, 2017

Ms Hoggatt

Dear Adventurers, Agents, and P3ers,

It is with this brief note that I wish you a wonderful summer! May you find time to make memories, have fun, try something new, read some wonderful books, and most importantly, enjoy your freedom.

It has been my pleasure and a true privilege to be your English teacher this year! Through every book, writing project, and lively discussion, we were able to travel to new places and to different universes. We met a lot of interesting characters along the way and explored uncharted territories and waters. We tackled unfathomable challenges and evolved as readers, writers, and thinkers. We did all of this through words…written and spoken. But really, we worked together and independently to change our brain and for that, I congratulate you on a job well done!

As you move on to a new grade, a new school, or a new teacher, I challenge you to take the stairs rather than the elevator. Learning is your superpower! So, with that sentiment, never stop trying and never stop growing your brain.


Ms. Hoggatt

A few reminders this last week of school:

Monday, 6/19: Soon-to-be 6th graders will receive their summer reading assignment. Each student is expected to read one assigned novel and submit one choice project as well as a required writing assignment. Be sure to email Ms. Hoggatt with any questions J

Tuesday, 6/20: Advisory Adventure and Exploration! Each advisory has a fun day planned. Please bring a layer, a bottle of water, and wear comfortable shoes. Also, please bring a backpack so you are able to carry your own belongings!

Wednesday, 6/21: DIAGRAM SLAM competition! This will be the most fun and final challenge for the 5th grade grammarians.

Thursday, 6/22: Pack up and wrap up in Hangar 4! Please gather all projects, writing assignments, journals, notebooks, and novels. All of these items must go home. Be sure to bring a reusable tote with you to school.

Friday, 6/23: Graduation/Move-up Ceremony- Arrival time is 9am for all students. Please meet in your advisor’s room.



Mr. Stephens

Testing week is always exhausting for everyone, but it was nice to see our students come through this week well. We added in some fantastic adventures and community service to the week as well, which helped mitigate the testing. We finished up the week with an invigorating STEAM day. It was nice to see all of the different and unique ways that students are thinking about math and the sciences.

Everything English: This is our last complete week of school, and we’ll be splitting our focus between completing the final writing projects and a poetry writing assignment that will come out of a field trip to the Presidio on Wednesday. We will be traveling to the national cemetery in the Presidio and reading the gravestones, taking in the setting, and then using this experience to write poetry. We will finish up the week by sharing our poems and final papers with each other.


Finish reading epitaphs assigned in class



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