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Katie McGee
Sarah Kronisch
February 27, 2017

Lower School Drama Instagram:

Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students received their final scripts for the school year! Since we have plenty of time to work on these pieces before our performance on May 1st, we will be diving into the scripts in much detail! We will be focusing on character expression through body and voice. Please have your student start to slowly memorize their lines and cue!

First Grade

First graders have a special assignment: ask a family member to tell them a story about when they were “little”- a story they couldn’t possibly remember!

We will be mapping these stories using pirate story maps! We are working towards sharing these stories with the group using skills we’ve learned thus far in drama and avoiding verbal fillers!

Please keep the date June 5th available for our final performance!

Second Grade

Using “The Breakdown”, eight questions every actor must ask themselves when they get a new piece of material, second graders will analyze a new scene! They will practice making big bold choices to clearly communicate with the audience, as well as their cold reading skills, and keeping eye contact with their partners! Please keep the date June 5th available for our final performance!

Important dates!

May 1st: JK/ K end of year performance
June 2nd: Toy Story
June 5th: 1st/ 2nd end of year performance


Installation Theater

Over the past few weeks, students have been working solo and in pairs to develop different visual presentations to pitch their scientific topics (to be used as inspiration for our final piece). These presentations will aid students in narrowing down their final topic. This week students will be pitching their topics and holding discussions around topic selection. The creation of our final piece will challenge students to find the connections between theater, art, and science!

Comedy & Improv

Unit: The Science of Comedy & Ancient Comedic Origins

This month as we strengthen our ensemble and get to know each other better as improvisers, we will be exploring the science behind comedy. Why have humans evolved with the ability to laugh? What causes our bodies to produce laughter? What does laughter signify socially? Can other animals laugh? In addition, we will investigate comedic performance’s ancient Greek roots and explore some comedic scenes by Aristophanes.

Don’t forget these key rules of improv!

1.) Listen.

2.) Say, “YES”.

3.) Get out of your head and trust your guts.


Unit: Five Senses

As playwrights, it is important for us to be acutely aware of life’s details. Details strengthen our stories and make them more truthful. This month we will be getting in touch with our five senses as a way to heighten our detail awareness. We will do so by participating in a variety of improv and writing activities.

Broadcasting (KMS-AVS)

“This week the middle school broadcasting team will pick articles to report on and write summaries that will be presented in the first broadcast. The middle school broadcasting team is still collecting props and preparing to film in the weeks to come. Once we finish filming and editing we will post the broadcast online. If you have any news you would like to share with us please feel free to do so.” - Sophie P.

Podcasting“This past week the AVS Podcasting class worked on the idea their groups want to pitch for the final idea of the podcast. They wrote/typed up a list of ideas they want to talk about in their idea and why others should support it. This week the students will rehearse for their final pitch and everyone will vote on which one we will do. They also will incorporate other ideas from other podcast ideas into the winner’s podcast.” - Jacob N.

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