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Bookends Leads: Marissa Weitzman & Brennan Blazer Bird
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June 20, 2016


Outdoor Space Exploration! with Katherine

Wizards 101 with Annie

Our wizards are finally graduating to the level of Wizard appentices, which means they will officially get their wizard hats!  Students will be masking and customizing their hats for our last class.

Gymnastics with AcroSports

Soccer with Carlos

This week our students will continue to apply the skills they learned throughout the session into a soccer game.

BE Newspaper with Julie


Outdoor Games with Carlos

This week our students will continue to play Quad-Nation.

Murals with Marissa and Stephanie


With great pleasure, I am cordially inviting you to join the garden mural art opening this Tuesday (June 21st) 4:55-5:15pm in the AVS Garden.  Over the last year, students have designed and painted the new mural.  Students were part of the process from learning about mural history, concept design, techniques to enlarge the design, and painting the layers and details of the mural.  We have had a ton of fun working together and getting messy as we added layers of paint on the wall.

At the art opening, students will share their favorite moments, the parts they worked on, and what they learned along the way.  Everyone will have the opportunity to add a decorative bead to the wall.  In addition, we will enjoy tasty treats and toast to honor the students and their hard work.

I hope you can join this special moment.  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to bring a snack to share for this event.  

Drama Club with Katie and Sarah

Music, Imagination, and Fantasia! With Jessica


Garden with Marissa and Brennan

We will enjoy our plum harvest that we picked from Henry Dean’s house by making a fresh jam!

Origami Club with Raquel and Abbie

We will learn the fish fold in origami and create a class underwater mobile in our last origami class of the year.

Spy Kids with Annie and Katherine

The spies will create their last spy gadget to go on our last secret mission.

Chess Institute



Computer Lab with Cole, Keanue, and Dylan

Spanish is FUN! With Raquel

Drama Club with Katie and Sarah

Recorder Ensemble with Jessica

Flashmob with Abbie

We will take our Flashmob to Palega this week to celebrate our last class of the year before summer vacation!

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