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Art: Annie Kyle
Art & Tinker: Katherine Stark

June 19, 2017

JK- 4th Grade Art Week Ahead 6-19

For our final week of school, each grade will be finishing their projects or participating in tinkering/ materials exploration. Junior Kindergarten we will be focusing on the engineering side of art, and will be engaging in some modern sculpture building challenges. In this process, kids open their minds to what’s possible, take chances, solve problems, collaborate and become better creative thinkers and doers.

1st grade students have started a new project based on their study of animals and their habitats. Students were challenged to think of their own imaginative biome. What would the climate be like? What sort of plants would grow there? They then used a combination of drawing and collage to create their own depiction of this imaginary biome. Once students finished with their collage, they thought about what sort of features their animal would have to best survive this imaginary habitat. Students selected, mixed and matched various features to create a drawing / collage of their own imaginary mutant animal! This week, students will use 3D material to create a model of their imaginative biome. For those who have completed their imaginative biome, they will be taking a mutant animal drawing challenge!

Last week, 3rd grade students were challenged with a very important task: to master the use of a box cutter to cut cardboard! For the students who have finished their collage, they will be going onto their next cardboard challenge: using rulers and box cutters to assemble various geometric 3d shapes. This activity aligns up perfectly with their current Math studies on the topic, so I am confident that our 3rdgrade builders are up for the challenge! They will then use those shapes to assemble a sculpture using all that they have created. The sculpture may be either abstract or representational. For those who completed their 3D shape sculpture, they will be challenged to recreate an everyday school supply object in large scale using cardboard, tape and paint. We will be looking at famed artist Claes Oldenburg for inspiration.

Aligned with their upcoming project on the future of San Francisco, 4th Graders will be given the challenge of designing a model for more sustainable urban housing. We will look at what innovations urban planners and architects have been creating to tackle these pressing issues. Students will use their knowledge and creativity to come up with their own ideas, and then build it in 3D form. I cannot wait to see what they design!


Middle School

Design for the Future
For our last week of Design for the Future, students will be given multiple explorative design challenges with options for how they complete them. This semester, students have dreamed big while also thinking about form and function. This week's challenges will tie in to what we have covered in the past few months, while also allowing students to revisit favorite materials or learning platforms. This week we will celebrate our creative time together!

Patent That!
On Tuesday, students in Patent That will be participating in Spark Tank, a design critique event! Students have worked all semester developing one product, building multiple prototypes, and writing pitches. Now students will have the chance to present their ideas to a panel of San Francisco designers, inventors, and entrepreneurs from our school community. It will be an exciting way to wrap up a creative and fantastic semester!

Is This Art?This week in Is This Art, we will celebrate all of the thought provoking and outside of the box art we have looked at and talked about this semester. This review will encourage a discussion about if and how our views on art have changed over the course of the semester. This should be an interesting last week!
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