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Art: Annie Kyle
Art & Tinker: Katherine Stark

February 27, 2017

Junior Kindergarten students have been engaged in painting exercises to understand basic color theory. We have reviewed primary and secondary colors, and how some primary colors are more powerful than others when mixing paint. Students are experimenting with gradual mixing of one primary color with another to create varying hues of the secondary color the two colors make. Last week, students painted little cardboard pieces the different hues. This week, students will complete painting their pieces by gluing them together to create a 3D abstract painting.

Last week, KA students started a Build-A-Bear prototype project.  In response to their Teddy Bear Drive fundraising efforts, students were posed the question: what if you could design and build your own bear?   Last week, students used brown bags, newspaper and tape to start constructing their bear designs.  This week, students will finish the basic structure of their bears, and start adding the various features that would make their bear unique.

This week in 1st grade art, students will be finishing our long-term investigation on the theme of "value," questioning who or what determines the value of an object. In the past few weeks, students have learned that not only does “value” mean the worth, importance or usefulness of something. In art, “value” also means the lightness or darkness of a shade or color. To further question the definition of value, students used an image of an individual recyclable object to draw- focusing on shape, proportion and values. This week, students will be starting our new project on recreating their object in 3D form using newspaper, tape and plaster.

3rd Grade students have finally finished their adaptive trait sculptures, and they each look pretty fantastic!  This week, 3rd grade students will be focusing on the idea of community, what makes people come together, and how are communities unique.  As an alignment to their study of the Bay Area, students will be investigating our own neighborhood in the Bay Area: The Portola!  Students and I will go on a mini trip to San Bruno Ave., using our artistic eyes to look for everyday items that makes The Portola unique. Students will select a scene to take a picture of. This picture will be used as inspiration for an upcoming drawing project. It should be great fun!

This week, 4th grade students will be engaged in a hands-on collaborative sculpture project. Ever wonder how a 3D printer works? How does this machine render solid angular and organic 3D shapes with such ease? 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, refers to the process by which successive layers of material are formed to create a three dimensional object. We will discuss the 3D printing process, and how this method can be inspirational to sculptors! This week, 4th graders will be challenged to design a form. They will then cut/ paste flat cardboard shapes, one on top of another in a similar layering method, to render their design in 3D form. I'm excited to see students tackling this challenge!

Middle School

Design for the Future
Our first project for Design for the Future with a new group of 5th Grade designers had them thinking about what San Francisco would be like in the year 2050. What would our skyline look like? How will be living and working in this city? How will they get from place to place? Students took their ideas and drew them out with a panoramic picture. This week, students will focus in on one element of their future city and continue developing a stop motion animation video highlighting that futuristic building, vehicle, or robot design. Students will work on building the set and designing the characters this week, and begin to film - rather take a series of photographs - if they are ready to do so.

Patent That!
When Patent That! meets this week, students will begin developing their long-term project - a utility patent that is both useful to others and interesting for the student. This week, students will have the chance to workshop their design ideas, and take valuable feedback they received from their peers to refine their designs further. This project is off to a great start and we can't wait to see where it leads us!

Is this Art?
This week in Is this Art?, we will be visiting 500 Capp Street, the home of conceptual artist and sculptor David Ireland, located just a couple of blocks away. His estate has opened his home for visitors to come and learn more about his work and the work of his contemporaries, and we will be taking an artist-led tour of the house. Outside of this field trip, we will discuss what to expect as well and then reflect on our experience, once returning back to campus.

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