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Art: Annie Kyle
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April 10, 2017

JK- 4th Grade Art

Junior Kindergarten students have been engaged in painting exercises to understand basic color theory. We have reviewed primary and secondary colors, and how some primary colors are more powerful than others when mixing paint. Students are experimenting with gradual mixing of one primary color with another to create varying hues of the secondary color the two colors make. We have also been reviewing landscapes, and what deems an artwork a landscape. Students were introduced to painting technique of Post- Impressionist artist Georges Seurat. They then created landscape paintings using

Pointillism, and the Post-Expressionist style of Vincent Van Gogh, an artist who was known for his visible brushstrokes that formed swirly dashed lines. This week, students will experiment in one of my favorite mediums, clay!  Students will learn how to create a pinch and coil pot, using various ceramic techniques.

Kindergarten students have been engaged in a Build-A-Bear prototype project.  In response to their Teddy Bear Drive fundraising efforts, students were posed the question: what if you could design and build your own bear?   Last week, students used brown bags, newspaper and tape to start constructing their bear designs. Those finished with the structure started adding a layer of newspaper and papier-mâché on their structure to harden the surface. This week, students will finish the basic structure of their bears, and attempt to cover their entire bear with a layer of papier-mâché. Those who finish will get the start painting the base colors of their Teddy Bear Prototype.

This week in 1st grade art, students will be finishing our long-term investigation on the theme of "value," questioning who or what determines the value of an object. In the past few weeks, students have learned that not only does “value” mean the worth, importance or usefulness of something. In art, “value” also means the lightness or darkness of a shade or color. To further question the definition of value, students used an image of an individual recyclable object to draw- focusing on shape, proportion and values. Students have been working on their new project of recreating their object in 3D form using newspaper, tape and plaster. Once their plaster has dried, they will use proper color mixing and paintbrush techniques to recreate a similar color and texture of their real object. This week, students who are finished with their sculpture will take an observational drawing challenge, focusing on line, shape and form.

As an alignment to their study of the Bay Area, 3rd students will be investigating our own neighborhood in the Bay Area: The Portola! A couple weeks ago, 3rd grade students went on a mini trip to San Bruno Ave.  We used our artistic eyes to look for everyday items that make the Portola unique. Students selected a scene or object to take a picture of. This picture will be used as inspiration for an upcoming drawing project. Last week, students starting using their selected image as a image reference for a large scale drawing. This week, they will continue drawing, keeping close attention to adding details and value with pencil and Sharpie marker before going on to coloring their drawing with chalk pastels.

Inspired by the elaborately mechanized mini golf stations at Urban Putt, 4th graders will use their artistic and engineering skills to design their own high tech mini golf stations. The goal is for each station to use the additive and the subjective layering method to create valleys and peaks for the balls to travel around. This week, they will draw out a design of their ideas, and then create paper prototypes out of cardstock to show their thinking, so they can decide on a final design and start building. If their prototype meets all the project standards and is sturdily built, students will go on to use the large cardboard to make their official model.

Middle School

Design for the Future
This week in Design for the Future, students will jump right into a new project, this time involving a material challenge! Using only black or clear garbage bags, duct tape, and a fan, students will design and begin to build an inflatable room. For this project, students will work in groups; which means combining and compromising to work on one design. Before they start, the class will go over tools and tips for working with the materials and in a group. We can't wait to see what our designers create!

Patent That!
Last week in Patent That, both classes were giving a new design focus for the remainder of the semester, allowing students to tailor their patents to a specific client as well as empathize and learn more about the needs of others. One class will be focusing on accessibility and the other sustainability. This week, students will continue to conduct research on their specific focus and build prototypes of their designs. 

Is This Art?
This week in Is this Art, we will continue to talk about street art. How does it connect to the community it exists within? How is it viewed by the public? What extremes do artists go through to place their art? What's the difference between street art and graffiti and vandalism, and where are the boundary line? We will explore our Mission neighborhood, and the famous art around it, to study this topic while also working on a collaborative mural project in our classroom.
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