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4-A & 4-24Jon Polly - Science

Justin Mazzola - Humanities

Lauren Gadie - Math
LeAnne Fowlkes - Literacy

June 19, 2017

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our Rube Goldberg presentations on Wednesday! If you couldn’t make it, or just love seeing student work, we invite you to attend our Future San Francisco design presentations on Tuesday at 9 a.m. Here are other important announcements as we wrap up another school year:

  • For those who have not yet brought in a paper/canvas bag for student work, please be sure to do so tomorrow (Monday).

  • Students will have another opportunity this week (TBD) to sign each other’s yearbooks and memory notebooks. We will notify students the day before, and we encourage them to bring them to school Monday so they can leave them in their cubby until the day of signing.

  • All students should bring a paper/canvas bag into school next week in preparation for the sending home of all their schoolwork.

  • The upcoming graduation ceremony will be taking place on Friday, June 23 at 9:30am in the AVS gym. For those who will be experiencing it for the first time, we encourage you to arrive early and bring your camera so you can capture your child’s final day of fourth grade.
  • We are certainly going to miss them!When the stepping up ceremony ends, students should proceed back to their home rooms with their teachers, where you may pick them up to ensure we can account for everyone and say our goodbyes.

Thanks for all your support and flexibility this year in fourth grade! It’s been an honor and a privilege spending our days with your children, and we credit you parents for doing an amazing job in raising such standout students and citizens. We look forward to hearing about their future accomplishments as they move onto fifth grade, whether it be at AVS or elsewhere.

Last week in science, students worked tirelessly putting on their final touches for their Rube Goldberg designs before presenting them to parents, faculty, and staff. Although we were not able to get all of the boards in each class to be connected to one another, we were able to have at least partially continuous Rube Goldberg designs. We also launched our Future San Francisco project. Students learned about the current state of and future projections for key sectors of San Francisco city planning, including transportation, housing, energy, and the environment/climate. We also looked at some forward thinking architects’ visions for futuristic skyscrapers. Afterward, students were broken up into design teams, and they got to build futuristic designs in response to the challenges that San Francisco is expected to face in the year 2050. We look forward to sharing our designs with you on Tuesday, June 20, at 9:30am in 4B. We hope you can drop by to check out their designs and hear them explain their visionary plans for the city.

This week in math we learnt how to measure and draw acute, right and obtuse angles. We also defined a new angle: reflex angle! We discussed the relationships between the number of degrees and turns (90°, 180°, 270°, and 360° are associated, respectively, with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full turns). Students also explored the sum of all of the angles in a triangle, reaching the conclusion that they equal 180°. In our final week in fourth grade math, we will split our time between brainteasers and geometry. In addition to reviewing our year through puzzles, we will continue to use a protractor and practice measuring angles, looking for relationships and patterns in quadrilaterals.

Have you ever considered the United States being attacked from across its northern border? During last week’s read-aloud in Humanacy, students discovered the conclusion to the first book of Tomorrow Girls, in which our heroines uncovered a plot by the dreaded Alliance to strike America. Throughout the story, students actively listened while generating connections, questions, and connections. Some were so enraptured by the read-aloud that there were gasps upon learning of the plot twist. Students then referred back to the previous week’s lesson on Hollywood movie posters and began creating their own for a hypothetical Tomorrow Girls film. This week, they’ll continue working on their projects, with some choosing to create them via Google Slides, while others have opted for a more traditional hand-drawn work of art. Students will also have time to work on their own dystopian stories, infusing potential environmental issues discussed last week in our brainstorm of current dangers related to climate change. With so much excitement surrounding this project, we hope they will complete these stories over the summer and share with others, perhaps using kidblog? :)

Spend time outside, read a good book, and reflect on your time in fourth grade and lower school!

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