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June 19, 2017

Dear Fabulous Families,

Last week the third graders went to Alemany Farm. We enjoyed learning all about the native and invasive plants of California. Our third graders enjoyed the interactive experience since they were able to use hori hori (a gardening tool) to pull out weeds in the garden!


Field Trip and Field Day!

On Monday, June 19th we will be heading to the Marin Headlands to see some of the science and humanities concepts we learned about in action! Please make sure your child is equipped with the following:

  • a packed lunch and snack (no Choicelunch)
  • full water bottle (this is REALLY important!)
  • sunscreen/hat
  • good walking shoes
  • weather appropriate clothes that can get dirty
We will also be going to Palega Park on Thursday, June 22 for the Third Grade Field Day. Please cancel Choicelunch on this day and pack a lunch for your child. It would also be beneficial to make sure your child comes to school with the above listed items.

Moving Up Ceremony

We hope you can join us to celebrate our students moving up to fourth grade at the Moving Up Ceremony on Friday, June 23rd. You are invited to find seating in the gym starting at 9:30 and the ceremony will start promptly at 10am. School will be officially closed at 12pm.

This Week…

Last week in literacy our third graders completed their poetry anthologies. We studied a few more mentor poets such as Langston Hughes and Rebecca Kai Dotlich. Students interpreted the poem “Dreams” and then applied some author’s craft, such as imagery and metaphors, into their own writing. We wrapped up our week with a “poetry jam” in the garden where students recited their poetry to their peers. Next Wednesday we will have an in class poetry celebration to honor our hard work as poets!

Last week in humanities students wrote a letter about a topic they would like to see changed in their community. Students wrote about a wide variety of issues, including traffic, public transportation, bike lanes, litter, stray animals, deforestation, computer viruses, global warming and the Paris Agreement, and how to better help support homeless folks in the city. Each student got to conference with a teacher, revising their rough drafts, and ultimately typing up their final drafts. Next week we will place our letters in envelopes, address them to various organizations such as SFMTA and the SPCA, City Hall of San Francisco, and the State Capitol in Sacramento. We are so proud of the passion, inner voice, and wonderful examples that were used in their letter writing.

Last week we clarified our understanding of the states of matter and phase changes through the “Cloud in a Jar” activity and by experimenting with dry ice. This week we will introduce our students to the inner workings of chemical reactions to prepare them for going deeper into this concept in fourth grade.

This week we will reflect back on our year and celebrate how much the students have grown as mathematicians. We will be playing some games that will allow the students to use their math skills to lead them to success. We will discuss how the skills and strategies they take with them will help them in fourth grade and beyond.

The second graders will be visiting us to get tips for next year and ask questions about third grade. The third graders will then visit fourth grade to do the same. We will also reflect on the year and get our room ready for the incoming third graders.


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