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The Week of June 22nd

Wow! What a year we have had in the Atoms Family class. We are incredibly proud of all the growth students have made throughout this year, and we are so sad to say goodbye (for now)! This week will be spent tying up loose ends in the classroom and engaging in reflective activities where students will get the opportunity to see how much they have grown over the year. One of these activities will include opening up their “Time Capsule” they created in the beginning of the year. This was a writing activity where students answered questions about themselves that they were not allowed to look at until the last day of school. Students have been asking about these the entire month, so it will sure by an exciting moment for them all to have hard evidence of how much they have changed!


We will continue to read Stone Fox as a read a loud in class. The students are very excited to find out how Little Willy will help Grandfather and save the farm!

This past week, students continued reading fables to help inspire the development of the fables they are writing with a partner. This week, students will read Time for Kids and choose an article that they would like to teach another student about. In order to do this, they have to analyze the text features, write a 4-5 sentence summary and answer a few questions about the article. In addition, students will take time to reflect on how they have grown as a reader and set their summer reading goals as well!


Students were very productive this past week as they read and wrote about different explorers. Students will get the opportunity to act out their fable while other students fill out an “Elements Chart” about the fable presented. We will ask that students pay particular attention the moral. After each presentation, students will share the elements they were able to identify. If other students had a difficult time figuring out the elements, we will reflect on why this happened and how the story could have further developed to make the elements clear. In addition, students will have the opportunity to reflect on their growth as a writer throughout the year by looking at work from the start of the year!

Probability and Review

This week in math we will wrap up probability by playing card games and discussing how understanding probability would help people devise strategies to win card games. We will then finish off the year by letting our students choose among some of their favorite math games to play.


Chemical Reactions

We will continue looking at the difference between physical and chemical changes in matter using a candle, Ivory soap, and other materials. We will also see what happens when we combine yeast, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. We will try to determine whether we created a true chemical reaction or not based on whether or not there were chemical changes.


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