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Dawn Larkin

Lisa Kim

March 27, 2017

After three consecutive weeks of illness, the fourth week of March brought the Lion’s Den a full class of healthy students, and several consecutive days without any absences. Stay healthy everyone!

First graders are exploring their individuality and testing the boundaries of their peer interactions. This is a healthy, normal part of development, and often presents during recess, sometimes with high levels of energy and strong feelings. One strategy for dealing with problems, is to make rules as to what the children are, and are not, allowed to do. While this may eliminate a pattern in the short term, it does not allow the youngsters learning opportunities for boundary setting, communicating feelings, listening to peers, and working together to come to mutual understanding. At times, these mediations are between two or three children, guided or supervised by a teacher outside of class. Sometimes the games (and challenges) are ongoing and involve large groups of students from more than one class. The varied perspectives and intricate dynamics of these relationships make for thrilling and spirited play.

First grade will have community meetings as a whole group, to discuss the games played during recess, and allow children to voice their understanding of this play. While the process will be facilitated by a teacher, the community needs are child centered, and the direction, frequency and duration of each meeting will vary. Every child will be expected to attend to the shares. Big messages to reinforce at home: take time to listen, speak your truth, and make positive choices. Let us know if you have any questions, or if you would like to know more details about our discussions.

Last week, we continued reading and researching more topics for our state research projects. We specifically focused on reading articles on our state geography and symbols such as the state flag. Moving forward this week, students are ‘“packing up our suitcases” to get ready to go on a trip to our state. Students will research fun attractions that they would like to visit AND plan what they need to pack for their state’s specific weather and climate conditions.

Last week, we wrote more informational pages for our state book, specifically about Geography and State Symbols such as the flag. Moving forward this week, we are getting ready to take a trip to our state. In order to prepare, we will write a list of fun sights and/or attractions to visit. Also, we will pack our suitcases and get ready for our trip. Students will cut out or draw clothes and other items that they will need to “pack” their paper suitcases.

Next week in word study, we will continue to work on individual spelling patterns. We will also review sight words.

Last week, students estimated the number of plastic beads in a large mason jar. After a long string of absences and long weekends, a significant amount of time has been spent re-familiarizing ourselves with routines and expectations. Students are responding to short periods of directed focused group instruction, and frequent movement breaks. As students practice using, counting, and grouping large numbers of objects, we will read The King’s Commissioners, and illustrate quantities using groups, of twos, fives, and tens using tally marks, as well as models in base 10. After, the children will work together to figure out how many beads are in the mason jar. Feel free to swing by and write down your estimate, too.

Last week, students learned about the body parts of two desert animals, and they equipped to survive in their environments, as well as the struggles they might have, should their environments change. This week, students will learn about another organism that also lives in this desert environment. Individually, children are reading about different mammals. They write a few facts in their own words, and draw an illustration in their animal classes books. This week, a new class of animals will be added to their selection of choices. Stay tuned!

Last week, the Lions sketched and decorated their state flag. They really took their time and did such a wonderful job! Last week, Eilis Murphy’s parents, Elizabeth and Killian, prepared a festive St. Patrick’s Day presentation for both first grade classes. We sang, danced, and listened to an Irish legend about Fionn and the Giant Causeway. We also joined 1B and created a large US map using the state maps that each student prepared for homework. Each student presented their states, spoke about the state’s capital and an interesting fact about their state. Moving forward this week, the Lions will continue learning more about states’ symbols and traditions. We will also practice singing the “Fifty Nifty United States” song. It will be amazing! Our first graders will soon be able to recite ALL of our fifty states!

Monday- Bring in a rinsed out, plastic 2 liter bottle, with lid (or more than one)

Tuesday- ZooBooks: Read the ZooBook with your family and write a review about something you learned and on what page it can be found

Wednesday-Literacy:Sight Word Review Word SearchThursday-Humanities: State Food Ingredients List: Choose a food item or dish that’s important to your state, and write the ingredients list.

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