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Dawn Larkin

Lisa Kim

May 1, 2017

We closed April with a bang. Thank you to everyone for coming to the big state presentations! We look forward to seeing everyone back from spring break, well rested with lots to share.


Last week, the students did a phenomenal job presenting their states projects to parents, family, and fellow students. The state tour guides shared their state food, guided us through their state landform and taught us about their state by reading information from their state book. Thank you for your participation in preparing the delectable state foods and joining us on fantastic Tour of the U.S.! The 1A Lions really astounded me by how wonderfully they sang and performed the “Fifty Nifty” song! Daniela’s family also read The Giving Tree on Thursday, in honor of Daniela’s birthday on April 17th. The 1A Lions wrote and shared an appreciation book for Daniela. Happy Birthday, Daniela!

This week, we will start our Poetry Unit. We will launch this unit by teaching children to use all their senses and take in the details of their lives in a fresh way. We will focus on seeing the world through a poet’s eyes and learn how poet’s see the world in different and unusual ways. We will start by writing a class poem focusing on an inanimate object in our classroom. Each student will also write an autobiographical poem, expressing his/her love, feelings, dreams, etc.

This week in word study, we will focus on the new sight words: after, with, there, they, because. We will also continue working on spelling patterns based on where your child is in their spelling development.

Before break, children began to explore tangrams and how the seven specific shapes can be combined to make different images. This week, children will continue to explore this element of geometry using cards with and without lined guides as they replicate images, and create ones of their own. A very large mason jar contains the beans brought into school, and the children will work together to figure out different ways to calculate the numbers. Children will reconnect with fact practice, number of the day, multiplication, word problem, and tangram books, as they ready themselves for our geometry unit.

Before break, children cut plastic bottles and build a planting column to grow seeds of their choosing. Capillary action from wicks and water below, will keep the soil moist while we are away for the break. Children wrote out the procedures for building the column and predicted how tall their seeds might grow while we are away. This week, they will measure the growth and compare it to their predictions. Habitat Adventure is our featured science game, and players work to return animals to their native biome. Children will have opportunities to work on their animals classes books, and refamiliarize themselves with our newest game. Our next environmental unit will focus on the shelter of specific animals in California.

Last week, he 1A Lions read The Three R’s: Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle, in honor of Earth Day. This week, we will focus on the concept of Optimism. Did you know that choosing to view life optimistically can actually increase our brain capacity? We will practice engaging in positive thinking via partner and individual exercises and self-reflections.


Monday- Humanities:
Spring Break Reflection: Spend some time to reflection on your Spring Break. Choose one experience that you would like to write about, and draw a picture. 

Read the ZooBook with your family and write a review about something you learned and on what page it can be found.

Wednesday- Literacy:
Sight Word Crossword Puzzle

Cut out the tangrams and use the shapes to make a picture.

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