Annual No Water Day

An annual tradition at AVS, "No Water Day" is our way of raising awareness and honoring water as a precious resource.  

Leading up to “No Water Day”, we participate in activities designed to teach students about the nature and value of water as a resource, as well as the privilege of having easy access to clean, drinkable water.  How and where do you see water being used around you?  We ask students to monitor their water consumption and evaluate how each of us can individually conserve this precious resource.  Our observations are shared and illustrated throughout the week.  

On "No Water Day", we make water use at school a challenge in order to draw students' attention to the experience of others who can't simply turn on their faucets whenever they want to access clean water. 

1) Water fountains are shut down for the day.

2) Students wishing to have a drink of water must carry a bucket from our classrooms to a water cooler, where students have to use small Dixie cups to obtain drinking water.  Once they finish, they return their bucket to class.

3) A tally sheet is posted in the bathroom.  Students enter a tally mark every time the toilet is flushed or hands are washed.

While we investigate what it is like to not have easy access to water, we are also raising funds for our Charity Water Campaign.  Last year, one of our first graders inspired AVS to help fund a well project in Ethiopia, and this year we strive to meet our goal of $5,000 before the New Year.  To that end, the kids prepared a video to record their thoughts and enlist donations:

Here is the link to the students' Charity Water campaign page:

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