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Lower School Sports

Sports teams for JK through 4th-grade students at Alta Vista School are a parent-led endeavor. This manual is intended to serve as a practical resource to help guide that effort and to help navigate the many options for sports leagues in San Francisco. Please contact us with any questions, corrections, or feedback.

Fall Sports

Micro Soccer


Winter Sports

Basketball (JCCSF)

Basketball (Parks & Rec)

Basketball (Presidio Y)

Spring Sports

Baseball and Softball (SFYBL/JCCSF)

Baseball and Softball (Little League)

Micro Soccer


Other Sports

AVS sports teams are formed on an ad hoc basis, often led by a parent interested in volunteering as coach. And as the school grows, we’d like to maintain parental involvement and continue a decentralized approach to the sports in which students in a particular grade participate.

The parents and students in each particular grade, with coordination by the room parents, decide if or how to field teams. For each season – Spring, Fall, and Winter – the parents of each grade can decide what sports to play and which leagues to join. Determining what teams to form and how to form them – volunteer coaches? unisex or coed? tryouts? uniforms? – should be guided by our shared goals for AVS teams. Our philosophy is to encourage participation by as many students as possible, to teach skills and a love of sport, and above all, to have fun. Moreover, the teams should embody the values of AVS: be kind, be respectful, and be proud.

There are also opportunities for students to participate in sports on a recreational or non-competitive basis. Much like the sports teams, these are parent-led efforts. For example, parents and students formed a weekly morning running club, open to all students. (There are also opportunities for students to join club teams and participate in sports outside of AVS. Those are outside the scope of this manual and are not addressed herein.)

AVS Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in a number of sports through the San Francisco Independent School League. Future teams may compete in cross country, futsal, and basketball among other sports.

This site is a work in progress, and we welcome feedback and input from all.


AVS Parents Sports Chair

Christian Leitner