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How to Donate


This is an evening of Give & Get

We are not just asking for "money". We are looking for donations of every kind, including your time. 

We know that a donation you Give is something that you are proud of, something that has personal as well as a financial value to you. 

For that reason and for your generosity, we will all respect the donations we Get.

All donations will be displayed clearly and included in the online catalogue.

GOAL: For each family to donate 1 thing in 1 any of our 4 categories! 

  • Art                                                           
  • Home/Garden                                           
  • Fashion/Jewelry                                                                  
  • Accessories                                          
  • Sport Equipments                                    
  • Food Baskets                                             
  • Toys/Tools                                                 
  • Wine
  • Class Projects 

  • Tickets
  • Arts/Culture
  • Health/Fitness
  • Dine & Wine
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Sports Events

  • Services                                                      
  • Memberships                                             
  • Getaways                                                    
  • Count Me In Items                                      
  • Sponsorships  

CURRENT EVENT (for the evening) 
  • Drinks
  • Lights/AV
  • Food
  • Music
  • Photographer
  • Decorations/Props
  • Time and Volunteering                                                  -
Travel (hotels, vacation homes, airfare, trip packages) 
Wine (vineyard tours, special wine bottles)
Unique Experiences (lunch with a special person, private tour of business/institute)
Sports (Equipments, tickets or participation) 
Count me in Items (Parties, events  - where every space has the same price) 

  • Find a donation form in a bright Yellow basket by the reception area (Mio's desk)
  • Please fill in the form with all possible details
  • Submit your donation back into the Yellow basket (form and item in a sealed envelope or bag with your name) 
  • For donations of drinks for the evening event, donations with a high value, large sized donations, fragile donations, pictures/photos of your donations or any other questions about donations - Please email: galadonations@altavistaschoolsf.org to arrange - or find me/committee members around school hours
  • Please submit by February 27th, 2015, 6 weeks prior

This year we will be balancing the categories to make sure all donations get best attention and gratitude. 

THANK YOU for your Donations! 

Lets keep Alta Vista School in it's leading educational position, with happy and curious kids.

About the Event