Alta Vista takes great pride in the fact that it is a school of not just students and faculty, but a vibrant group of families who believe in and deliver on our mission of being a community school.

Our parents are very active in creating and participating in our school community. One of the tenets of our school is that every family has something valuable to add to our community. Alta Vista wants and values the ideas, contributions and participation of all of its families. That comes in many different forms. We do not mandate participation. Families become as involved as they like, or as their time permits.

Our families come together in a variety of ways:
  • Active parent group
  • Fun(d)raising
  • Family events, playdates and get-togethers
  • Parent events: parents nights out, moms-only events, dads-only events
  • Camping
  • Each of these community activities is designed by and for families - not the school administration - and enables Alta Vista families to not just support our school, but to better get to know each other and have fun together within and outside of school.

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