Technology at Alta Vista

We are a community that believes in and embraces technology and the exciting capabilities it brings to our learning environment.

Technology enables us to:
  • Engage the senses, interests, curiosities, and imaginations of our students
  • Have our faculty spend more time teaching and less time pushing paper
  • Equip our teachers with innovative ideas and cutting-edge information 
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively within our community
  • Link our small school community with our larger community beyond
  • Reduce the paper we use in furtherance of our commitment to sustainability
As powerful as it is, we still view technology for what it is - a tool. It is not a substitute for creative, hands-on teaching and learning, and that is our primary focus.

As a critical tool, we believe technology should be integrated into – not separated from – our learning environments. Here is a window into how we are deploying IT wirelessly throughout Alta Vista School:

Google Chromebooks (one per student in 2nd grade and up and one class set for the two 1st-grade classes)
  • Apple MacBooks, iMacs and iPads
  • SmartBoards
  • Elmo Document Cameras
  • Video and Digital Cameras
  • Twitter
  • Scratch (coding for kids developed by MIT) 
We are excited about integrating innovative technology tools into our curriculum and community at Alta Vista School. We welcome you to come see our technology in action and talk with us about what we are doing and what we have on our roadmap.