Our Music Director, Julie Bruins, is trained in and uses in her teaching (among other things) the Orff Approach/Orff Schulwerk.

Orff Schulwerk is a developmental approach to music education that parallels and incorporates a child's world of play and the basic way in which we all learn language.

Developed in the 1920s by German composer Carl Orff, Orff Schulwerk uses poems, rhymes and simple beats as its building blocks to first hear and make music, and later read and write it. It is taught in a collaborative environment that uses special Orff melody instruments that include wooden xylophones and metal glockenspiels. Playing together as a small orchestra, students master individual elements in a participatory setting that results in some lovely and fun sounds echoing from our music room:

Our students begin their individual instrument training with recorders. They then proceed in the 4th grade to select a wind instrument to study.


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