A Day in the Life of an Alta Vista Kindergartener

I am so excited to arrive at school!  Señor Ed greets me in the courtyard with a super-secret password puzzle.  After breaking the code, he gives me a high five, and I join in a round of kickball with my friends in the gym.


Katie Lynn rings the bell, and we are off to Community Meeting in the library where I am today's presenter!  From the Imagination Throne (kids only!), I share my current event and answer my friends' questions about it.  Then we examine the sunrise/sunset chart and make predictions about when the sun rose and will set today.  It's fun seeing the relationship between the earth, the sun, the moon, and the seasons!

In our kindergarten classroom, I team up with a partner to play a math game - Squeeze It - using a deck of cards.  Each of us takes two cards from the top of the deck.  Then a "squeeze" card is chosen from the top of the deck.  We each see if the "squeeze" card can fit in between the numbers on our two cards.  Hooray for "Gabby" - my partner in math! 


Another sunny day in the Mission, and time for a little gardening with Casey on the terrace.  Today our blueberry bushes need harvesting - yummy snack!  My assigned community job this week is Wormfeeder so I make sure they are well fed because the worms help to increase circulation and create fertile soil for our plants.  (I also loved when we examined their body structure using the Elmo and Smartboard in the classroom.) 

I am learning to read books all by myself!  Today after language bingo is Buddy Reading with the first graders.  I am partners with "Sam," and we take turns reading to each other.  The books we chose were:   INSERT

It's time for lunch and a trip to the Kid Power Park!  We like to speak en Español while we walk, eat and play:  [INSERT SAMPLE CONVERSATION] It's funny - Gessi likes to call the girls "mama":   

After lunch, we Stop the World.  This is a quiet time to calm our bodies and minds.  Right now, we are listening to Cara read aloud from the chapter book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm.

Next we're off to science lab with Señor Ed

Our Kindergarteners like to spend time with Señor Ed in the Science Lab on scientific explorations.  Together they employ the scientific method – learning the importance of questioning, prediction, experimentation, observation, analysis, and conclusion.

Here’s one example of a scientific exploration:  discovering whether different liquids have different densities.

Question. Señor Ed poses the question:  Do you think that different types of liquid like water, oil and syrup all weigh the same?

Prediction.  The students make various predictions.  [CAN WE GIVE A FUNNY EXAMPLE?]

Experimentation.  The students pour equal amounts of oil, colored water, and syrup into a beeker filled with cold water.

Observation.  We watch and note that the syrup sinks to the bottom, the colored water sits in the middle, and the oil floats on top.


Analysis.  Señor Ed asks questions to help the students draw the conclusions.  Why do you think the syrup sunk to the bottom?   Do you think that the oil is lighter or heavier than the water – why?

Conclusion.  The syrup is a dense/heavy liquid when compared with water, while oil is a less dense/lighter liquid.

We’ll use a variety of instruments brought from Africa by our music teacher. We sing songs, wiggle and shake our bodies, count to the beat, use our body parts and facial expressions to show how the music makes us feel, and learn about musical traditions in another part of the world. 

This afternoon our Special is music.  

Closing circle is a time for us to come together to close our day as a class with an appreciation of our day’s activities and classrooms.

School’s over, but the fun continues at Bookends.  Sometimes my mom calls me dramatic, and I get to practice my skills in theater this afternoon with Steph.

Here come my parents - so much to tell them about my amazing day at school!  I can share some of it with them through tonight's homework  INSERT

And I can't wait for tomorrow - an Alta Vista Adventure with Señorita Taira!  We will be riding Muni to the Academy of Sciences to explore up close what we have been learning at school about water!  Did you know that sharks have a sixth sense?  They can locate prey by sensing electrical charges!

 [This is intended to be a representation of the variety of our many Kindergarten activities.

Of course, everyday at Alta Vista brings its own unique adventures!]

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