How would Aristotle educate kids of the 21st century?

In this Information Age in which data is freely available, effective education cannot be about simply absorbing and reciting information.

At Alta Vista School, our task as educators is to provide children with the foundation and tools to thoughtfully and responsibly understand and participate in the world around them. Our approach is firmly rooted in the scientific method ("fathered" by Aristotle). We believe that children learn best when they individually explore, touch, cause, observe, hear, consider, speak, analyze, measure, predict - experience learning. Small class size and creative teaching methods are critical to this effort.

Our progressive, innovative curriculum uses a motivating approach to engage children in this practice of learning. We focus on the wonders of science, math and technology, cradled in the hands of the written and spoken word, united in the beauty and creativity of art. Our teachers are passionate about their work and showcase a joy of teaching. We take the need for a challenging, age and developmentally appropriate academic program as a given in today’s society. This includes the integration of innovative technology tools into the teaching and learning process.

Alta Vista School is not just about academics. Our goal is of course to impart knowledge, but we also seek to guide our students in the discovery of their unique talents and interests, harnessing the energy created by that newfound understanding and cultivating positive, curious, committed young people with a love for learning.

Leo Buscaglia said: "It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them." We are a school that believes education should be filled with play and joy - and that children's minds will develop most dramatically and positively when it is. Equally crucial to development is learning to be supportive, inclusive, responsible, and respectful of ourselves, others, and the greater community that surrounds us.

At Alta Vista School, we are focused on developing both the hearts and the minds of our students so they have a strong foundation from which to grow.
a progressive learning environment
an emphasis on science, math and technology

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