alta  [Latin]
1.    high 
2.    deep 

vis·ta  [derived from Latin vidēre]
1.    a distant view
2.    a far-reaching mental view

At Alta Vista School, our vision is high, deep and far-reaching: to lay the foundation in each child for a lifetime love of learning and exploration.

Mission Statement: Alta Vista School is dedicated to nourishing creative and curious young minds with progressive, experience-based learning. We aim to prepare students with the intellectual and personal tools for a lifetime of inquiry and success. Our hands-on approach is grounded in the scientific method with particular emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). Our innovative educators are enabled by academic freedom and small class sizes. They know their students as individual learners and tailor their teaching to their classroom communities.

We are guided by our shared values as we build together:
    • Excellence
    • Community
    • Innovation
    • Collaboration
    • Inclusion
    • Curiosity
    • Fun
    • Responsibility
    • Sustainability
a progressive learning environment
an emphasis on science, math and technology

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