The Middle School years are a time when students are still very much exploring their strengths and their interests. With that in mind, we believe that it is especially important to encourage students to try new and different things, and both our schedule and our programs are designed with that objective in mind.

Our Middle School program provides students an opportunity to experience greater freedom and expanded options, in an environment that is structured but flexible, and where social and academic expectations are clearly set forth. Responsible citizenship is stressed, requiring respect for the feelings, opinions, and property of others, while emphasizing and promoting strong academic values.

We focus on each child by creating a caring and understanding space to encourage physical growth, social/emotional maturity, and abstract thinking. Middle school years mark the transition from the dependence of childhood and the independence of young adulthood.

Wisdom and dedication coupled with an understanding of the unique social and emotional needs of pre-adolescents characterize our Middle School faculty.  Our teachers combine expertise, energy, empathy, guidance and a love of learning, often with a zany sense of humor, to teach Middle School students effectively.

The Alta Vista Middle School allows students to become confident, well-rounded, and independent learners in a supportive yet challenging environment. We encourage you to visit our Middle School and to see first-hand the energy, the intellectual exploration, and the genuine feeling of community that exists at our school

a progressive learning environment
an emphasis on science, math and technology

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